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SS 19 Sky's the limit!

SS 19 Sky's the limit!

A Pantamolle Film Production 

Creative Directors: Piergiacomo e Francesco Sigalini
Executive Producer and Editor: Giovanni Riviera
Director of Photography:  Andrea Tortelli
Pantamolle is a way of life! It doesn't just represent a new way of wearing trousers, but tells about values that are very important to us.

We believe first and foremost in the high value of our country and that is why we have been making Pantamolle entirely in Italy for some time. We also believe in the strength of our own ideas, especially those of young people. We must not be afraid to pursue them, to persevere, even though we live in a world that is not easy to understand. The most important value that Pantamolle wants to convey is positivity, a value that is often taken for granted, but which always allows us to live life in the right way.

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