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Pantamolle for the planet

At Pantamolle, we carry out a constant commitment to promote a sustainable, young and innovative business model.

The Pantamolle for the planet project aims to demonstrate how a young company can be founded and operate in a sustainable manner.


  • Preserve artisan traditions;

  • Offer our people a sustainable working environment that pays attention to the importance of individuality;

  • Help generate positive social impacts along the entire supply chain.


  • Achieve 100% traceability for our raw materials.

  • Procure 100% renewable energy by the end of 2030.

  • Develop innovative approaches to sustainable sourcing, raw materials and processes.

  • Completely eliminate the use of plastics or micro-plastics.
  • Use shipping methods with reduced emissions thanks to our partnership with DHL. DHL's GoGreen project allows us to monitor and significantly reduce the environmental impact of our shipments.

However, we are deeply convinced that real change must start from one's own territory.

Dello , our country of origin, represents for us traditions, values ​​and beauty that we intend to preserve. Pantamolle actively participates in initiatives that promote cultural development, but above all aim at defending its environment, the countryside.

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