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Welcome to the world of Sigafantasy, the official Pantamolle magazine that tells stories and projects to face the wear and tear of modern life.

ICON Magazine: la felicità porta sempre fortuna

ICON Magazine: happiness always brings luck

Today's protagonists: young, at the head of brands that are renewing the fields in which they are already leaders They came up with Pantamolle for fun. A bet that the...

Il nuovo EP della Pantamolle Records

The new EP by Pantamolle Records

The journey inside Pantamolle's musical vision continues. Almost a year after the release of the first EP Life is Life, Pantamolle Records presents the new EP for SS23. A new...

SpaghettiMag: in conversation with Pantamolle

SpaghettiMag: in conversation with Pantamolle

"Trouble to ask Piergiacomo and Francesco Sigalini if they are from Brescia. The answer is a sharp no. "Di Dello!" they say loudly. With these words we began our interview...

Forte dei Marmi: il nuovo store di Pantamolle

Forte dei Marmi: Pantamolle's new store

It was 21 July 2016, when the first Pantamolle was produced in a small tailor's shop in the province of Brescia. The heat pervaded the room, the sun penetrated through...

Gentleman Magazine: Nati con la camicia

Gentleman Magazine: Born with a shirt

The two young Sigalini brothers, who started out from the provinces with a dream, meet, with their brand Pantamolle, a historical reality like Thomas Mason. And they innovate bespoke tailoring.

Vogue Italia: messaggi oltre la moda

Vogue Italy: messages beyond fashion

For the November 2022 issue of Vogue Italia, we decided to communicate our new important message: Change Your Life. "The Sigalini brothers share the same vision of life and, therefore,...

Il manuale di Pantamolle per cambiare la tua vita

Pantamolle's manual to change your life

 We are two young brothers. We have always had a big dream: to have the voice to tell our vision. Our life is a collection of continuous inspirations, dreams that...

Loertis: il nuovo Elisir di Pantamolle

Loertis: the new Pantamolle's Elixir

 Elisir Loertis is the first Italian Hierbas, distilled from 10 traditional Po Valley herbs. The long search for aromas and the study of a fine balance of herbs create a...

Outpump: Pantamolle da oggi è anche musica

Outpump: From today Pantamolle is also music

"Pantamolle is not only fashion, from today it is also music. Born from the minds of the Sigalini brothers in a small town in Brescia, Pantamolle embodies a lifestyle, say...

Vogue Italia: la visione di Pantamolle

Vogue Italy: Pantamolle's visione

Pantamolle reinvents menswear: comfortable fashion, original patterns and Made in Dello"From super-comfy trousers to deconstructed outerwear, Pantamolle aims to rewrite the modern man's wardrobe. And, to do so, it relies...

Sport Mediaset: la 1000Miglia di Pantamolle

Sport Mediaset: Pantamolle's 1000Miglia

1000Miglia, between style and elegance 'The 1000 Miglia is the most beautiful race in the world, Enzo Ferrari's word. A race full of charm, style and elegance. For the thirty-seventh...

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