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Outpump: Pantamolle da oggi è anche musica

Outpump: From today Pantamolle is also music

"Pantamolle is not only fashion, from today it is also music. Born from the minds of the Sigalini brothers in a small town in Brescia, Pantamolle embodies a lifestyle, say the two, not just a way of dressing.

And so it is that in just a few years, the brand has evolved, expanding into fields that are not limited to the fashion sector, but also touch on everything that gravitates around it, i.e. furnishing, design, giftware and the production of advertising campaigns. This is how, after 'Pantamolle Film', they opened 'Pantamolle Records': a musical project stemming from the passions of the two founders themselves.

The Sigalini brothers have always experienced the world of clubs, particularly those in Brescia, working as DJs and PRs and being fascinated by the world of techno music. Now the time has come for them to get their hands on it. Pantamolle today released their first EP, Life is Life, consisting of two single tracks, the first one bearing the same name and deriving from the brand's motto, and the second one entitled 'Dallas' instead, after the nickname given to their home town, Dello.

The project, distributed on vinyl and via all streaming platforms, was entirely composed by the two and will see a follow-up in the summer and autumn."

Outpump, 4 April 2022

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