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Corriere della Sera: Pantamolle Style, Made in Dello.

Corriere della Sera: Pantamolle Style, Made in Dello.

"Pantamolle style" made in Dello, from stores in Formentera to the closets of entrepreneurs and soccer players

"Who are we, where do we come from, where are we going? Gauguini's existential questions applied to fashion entrepreneurship, in a precise search for identity and productive interiority, deeply tied to the roots. With the sense of community becoming the specification of the most granitic "made in Italy," from the choice of fabrics to packaging. They are under 30 years old Francesco (29) and Piergiacomo (26) Sigalini. From Dello, their "little Paris," they have projected themselves, little more than 18, "from nothing," into the world of fashion, strengthened only by the cult of beauty, which has always been breathed in the family, and by Adriano Olivetti to act as an inspirational model."

by Lilina Golia

Corriere della Sera, 19th December 2023

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