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Forte dei Marmi: il nuovo store di Pantamolle

Forte dei Marmi: Pantamolle's new store

It was 21 July 2016, when the first Pantamolle was produced in a small tailor's shop in the province of Brescia. The heat pervaded the room, the sun penetrated through the windows and blinded the view, but you could sense in the air the desire to finally see the result of a long work that had been underway for months.

From that moment on, everything began. We started out with a simple idea in our heads and the desire to recount the inspirations that have accompanied us since we were children. Dello, our home town, gave us the strength to really believe in our dreams. A place rich in traditions that every day reminds us how important it is to be grateful to the land that raised us.
After 7 years, this idea brought us to Forte dei Marmi, where we found the space to finally tell our vision. A space that represents the first stage of a journey that we hope will lead us to reach those dreams born in Dello and that every day help us face this life.

Pantamolle's motto greets every customer as they enter the store and immediately conveys the most compelling message, Life is Life, our mantra inaugurated with FW 2021: "Live your life, with your dreams and fears, don't live someone else's life. Take the love that surrounds you and you will achieve any goal in your life."


For the duration of the summer season, besides being able to view the new SS23 Now or Never collection, several exclusive products will be presented, including the iconic Pantamolle suits in limited editions with patterns and designs exclusive only to the Forte dei Marmi store.

Many innovations will enliven the season. Among the most important, June will see the presentation of exclusive collaborations with Bar Sambo, a historic club in Forte dei Marmi since 1968, and with the Twiga Beach Club, to liven up the hot social evenings.

Pantamolle Store - Forte dei Marmi, Via Roma 5/b
Project by Alessandra Vigani
Photos by Andrea Tortelli

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