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ICON Magazine: la felicità porta sempre fortuna

ICON Magazine: happiness always brings luck

Today's protagonists: young, at the head of brands that are renewing the fields in which they are already leaders

They came up with Pantamolle for fun. A bet that the Sigalini brothers are winning by churning out ever new ideas.

The fragrance is that common to so many other similar stories that the Italian province often churns out (thank goodness), made by mixing sincerity, creativity, good cheer and vision. This time, Francesco and Piergiacomo Sigalini, from Dello or, as they like to call it, 'the little Paris of Brescia', tell the story of how, in just a few years, they have managed to multiply by a thousand and more the first 450 euro they borrowed from their father (which they paid back immediately), to open first a shop window in Brescia, now a boutique in Forte, as well as e-commerce, a record label, interior design projects, publishing and, of course, clothing.It all starts in spring 2016: Francesco univer- sity with a passion for DJs, Piergiacomo matured and pr of events, they want to open "from scratch at quoto, something that represents us", Piergiacomo recalls. France- sco started with a custom-made shirt shop. The first 30 wrong shirts did not discourage the daring brothers who, in a few months, retraced their course and, having emerged from the shallow depths of classic shirt-making, fished in the wardrobe of their father, already a globetrotting windsurfer, the idea that most resonated with them: "Those fancy trousers he used to bring home from exotic stalls all over the world". And voilà the pantamolle, not the cheap polyester ones with drawstrings, but transported to the world of tailoring, with authoritative fabrics and patterns. The rest is history: the first collection of 100 pieces that went away in a week; others that hit Formentera; then Fiacchini at Forte. But the story has only just begun. Next up is already a liqueur, the Elisir Loertis, the first Italian hierbas, distilled from ten traditional Po Valley herbs such as rosemary, sage, rue and aniseed. The surprises, it seems, are only just beginning.

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 Paolo Lavezzari (ICON Magazine) - September 2023

Photos by Andrea Luzardi

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