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Il manuale di Pantamolle per cambiare la tua vita

Pantamolle's manual to change your life

 We are two young brothers. We have always had a big dream: to have the voice to tell our vision. Our life is a collection of continuous inspirations, dreams that tell of irony and courage, many ideas that intersect with each other and that in most cases all end with the same fateful question: how can we change our lives?The moment we are born, a new story begins for each of us that is intertwined with other destinies. A story that we often decide to build ourselves or we choose someone else to build for us. From childhood we are all assailed by what could be described as man's worst enemy: inertia, understood as the speeding up of thought and time. Modernity teaches us to be inexorably fast, to lose track of the present in order to live in the future and forget the past. Modern life often presents itself as a simple wait for nothingness. An inexorable push to live a life that does not really belong to us. There is, however, a moment in each of our lives when an important element comes into play: awareness, that is, the intimate stance each of us takes towards life. To many it is frightening, while others consider it a true blessing.Awareness does not knock at the door, it comes without warning and when it arrives before a person's eyes it can disrupt their entire life. It is up to us to decide whether to chase this thought away or welcome it.Without presuming to know life and its secrets, we feel obliged to share the four rules that we believe can lay the foundations for destroying this wear and tear, this frightening wear and tear of modern life.


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