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La jumpsuit di Garage Italia disegnata da Pantamolle

The Garage Italia jumpsuit designed by Pantamolle

Pantamolle and Garage Italia run the 1000Miglia 2020

"We have been won over by the positivity and passion with which the two brothers believe in their brand, which began as a new way of conceiving trousers during the summer season and in a very short time has become a point of reference for Gen Z yuppies, lovers of made-to-measure and custom embroidery.

Each collection focuses on the development of new iconic patterns that each year enrich Pantamolle's colourful archive and on the continuous search for unique comfort through the study of fabrics, patterns, and fit.

Pantamolle's F/W 2020/21 is inspired by the territory dear to the two founders, that of the countryside around Brescia. The colours of a cold and profoundly rural autumn and the materials that have always characterised the winter clothes of the people who animate our territory: wool, velvet, denim. And for the first time, the collection also presents new geometric motifs that are the protagonists of this experiment carried out by the Sigalini brothers on the Garage Italia jumpsuit. Pantamolle reinterprets our overalls, a workwear garment that has been widely cleared through customs and worn even by non-professionals.

The customisation is linked to a special event, the start of the 2020 1000Miglia , the historic car race with start and finish in Brescia."

Garage Italia, 23 October 2020

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