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Vogue Italia: la visione di Pantamolle

Vogue Italy: Pantamolle's visione

Pantamolle reinvents menswear: comfortable fashion, original patterns and Made in Dello

"From super-comfy trousers to deconstructed outerwear, Pantamolle aims to rewrite the modern man's wardrobe. And, to do so, it relies on wide cuts and original patterns.

No more boring, grey and over-structured menswear. Away with bourgeois jackets, trousers that are too tight and colours that are too dark. Pantamolle fights all this with colours and patterns to build the contemporary wardrobe. "Ever since we were children, we have always been fascinated by the classic trousers with elastic bands and extravagant and typically oriental patterns that can usually be found in exotic and oriental countries. So we started from here to create our own brand' - the young brothers from Brescia (more precisely from Dello), Francesco and Piergiacomo Sigalini, tell us. The project was born in the summer of 2016, after starting a made-to-measure shirt company in Brescia that now carries the name of Conte Francesco Sigalini. This was the opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade, i.e. tailoring, to start Pantamolle. This project wants to tell their idea of fashion, which is essentially comfortable and daring, thanks to their choice of very unconventional patterns and their equally daring combinations'.

Vogue Italy, 22 November 2021

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